Terms & Policy

Care Connect Bermuda is a support service. We offer support to families and caregivers where possible. We reserve the right to decline or dismiss services if deemed necessary by the company. Services are non-refundable and strictly provided according to the contracted agreement.

Care Connect Bermuda (CCB) is committed to providing valuable service and protecting the privacy of each of our clients. See our privacy statement below describing collection, use, and disclosure of personal information.

Personal Information:

The only details provided via our website are contact details and a general description of why you are seeking services with CCB. This information may include, name, phone number, email address, and summary of your concerns for your loved one. This may also include the same information if you are a caregiver seeking consulting services with CCB.

Some general information may be collected related to your use of the CCB site such as date, time and email for future contact. This information will remain anonymous and will not be used for spam purposes.

Personal information usage:

Any personal information provided to us during initial contact will be used solely to provide you with the best support services and to respond to your inquiries.

Personal information Disclosure:

Client information is not shared without the permission and is only shared with the appropriate agencies to best assist the clients. Should the client not wish to have their information shared with other support agencies, they will continue to receive quality services from CCB within reason.

CCB Connections/Links

CCB’s website may share links to other websites that may assist clients or be considered public information. Care Connect Bermuda is not responsible or liable for any of the materials available through those links. The links may be provided solely for convenience. They should not be considered endorsements or referrals.


By using our website or submitting an inquiry email, you agree to the privacy policy.

Changes in Privacy Policy
The privacy policy may be updated or changed at any time and the date of change will be documented on the website.

This policy was last modified on: January 30, 2019