Caregiver Connect

Care Connect is determined to help bridge the gap between services and the families looking to utilize them. This may include finding caregivers, understanding what community resources are available, what’s required to apply for these services and sometimes just presenting a kind and supportive environment. Our family support is a focused approach to help each family identify their overall need and narrow down the steps needed to make it happen. The additional services are tailored to the identified needs of the family.



Consultation Session: 1

Consultation Duration: 1 Hour

The session involves and provide in detail information about government requirements for a self-employed individual.

Forms required to sign up for these requirements will be provided to you.



Consultation Session: 3

Consultation Session: 1 Hour (each)

Support: 2 Support Meetings (3-month period)

The sessions involve information on government requirements as well as support calls/meetings over a 3-month period with any question that may arise regarding paperwork; completing certain governmental responsibilities; or minor support on how to increase marketability.

These consults may be via phone, social media platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype), or in person when available.

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