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Family Care Manager(s) are persons most responsible for the care of an aging loved one. We are here to help you get educated on senior care through planning, and implementation. Our resources and strategies are clear and help you make the most informed decisions for your loved ones needs.

Career Caregiver are persons who provide their professional services to seniors and the disabled for a fee. At Care Connect our resources and strategies help you to match your heart for caring with the skills needed to thrive financially, acquire new clients, and consistently increase your skill level.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a common question. Care Connect is a company that helps families find independent caregivers. These are caregivers who are often formally or experienced trained, and are able to help care for your loved one in home. 

Care Connect Bermuda is the right resource for a family seeking in home care that is looking to reduce the overall costs. Caregivers through Care Connect can usually range in price from $20 – $35 per hour. 

*Please note, these rates are simply estimates and are not Guaranteed. Individual caregiver rates may vary. 

Our 3 step approach involves: 

A family meeting: This is a chance for one of our connectors to get to know the client and your family and to identify exactly what you are looking for. 

A caregiver connection: This is an opportunity to meet and have a trial with the caregiver who best fits the needs outlined in the family meeting. 

A final connection: The final connection is a signing of a contract between the caregiver and family. This contract clearly states the expectations of the caregiver and family. The final contract is directly between the caregiver and the family; and, Care Connect wishes you well as your move forward with care.  

*Please note, this process sometimes takes weeks to complete, but is worth the wait to find the best fit. 

Care Connect Bermuda charges a one time service fee of $300 to connect you with the caregiver(s) you need.

We also offer an add on Nurse Assessment option for one of our registered nurses to come to your home and assess safety. During this time they may also recommend resources that can help you make your loved one the most comfortable.  This add on service is $65.

ALL information shared with Care Connect Bermuda is confidential. Information shared via email or in person remains confidential with the Care Connect consultants and is not shared outside of the organization. Your name, contact details and internal specifics are not shared with outside resources unless you share them or provide permission for them to be shared with specific resources.

Any unnecessary data is deleted within three months of completion of services. Some information such as your name, email address and phone number may be kept on file via our mailing list. This allows us to stay in contact with you and provide you with updated information on services and events. You may opt out of future contact via the mailing list at any time.  

Your personal details are secured and protected through googles data protection policy. 

A Care Connect Bermuda consultant can be reached by phone 441-519-1561 or email While we love to hear your voice, we strongly encourage you to email us as well. This is sometimes a faster way for us to communicate.